BodyLogic Composition Scan

Why Choose the BodyLogic Scan?

The BodyLogic™ scan is considered the gold standard for body composition measurement and is the most accurate way to measure body fat, lean muscle mass, and bone density. The Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, available with the BodyLogic scan on the Horizon® DXA system, provides a comprehensive look at the body, including bone, muscle, limb comparison, muscle imbalances, and more. Its high precision and accuracy make it the most reliable option available today.

How will The Advanced Body Composition® Assessment help you?

  • Knowing your percentage of overall fat, including the visceral fat, and muscle mass can:
  • Help you to understand what dietary changes need to be added and/or removed from your lifestyle.
  • Allow you to target specific areas of your body through exercise to increase muscle mass.
  • Guide you and your healthcare providers in creating a healthy lifestyle plan designed just for you.

What is The Advanced Body composition® Assessment process?

  • Stay well hydrated and preferably do not eat for three hours before your scan.
  • The scan is an open design so patients can comfortably enjoy the test without feeling claustrophobic.
  • It works by sending a low X-ray beam which is one-tenth the exposure of a dental X-ray.
  • The scan takes about 15 minutes.

The test results can transform your nutrition and exercise routine to help you live your best life!

Do I need a referral from my doctor to get The Advanced Body Composition® Assessment?

Referrals aren’t necessary. We work with our Medical Director and screen every client to ensure DEXA scans are safe and appropriate.

My gym has a machine to estimate my body fat percentage. Is this the same thing?

Probably not. Many gyms and supplement shops have machines to estimate body fat using bioimpedance, such as an InBody. These machines estimate your body composition, but they are heavily influenced by levels of hydration, recent activity, and your meals. While these may be adequate for monitoring a trend, they are far less accurate than a DEXA scan. DEXA is considered the Gold Standard in body composition testing.

Next step to your lifestyle change

Houston Concierge Medicine offers a new multifaceted program that encompasses many therapies to help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.


Should you choose to use your Advanced Body Composition® Assessment results to learn more about your ideal weight, how many pounds you should lose, and how much muscle mass you need to gain, please make an appointment at 713-333-6464. We’ll help you take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle.

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