Dexa Scan-Vo2-Max-RMR

DEXA BodyLogic™, VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Why Choose the BodyLogic™ Scan?

The Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, available with the BodyLogic™ scan on the Horizon® DXA system is a body composition scan, also known as a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan, is a non-invasive medical test that uses low-dose x-ray technology to measure the body’s composition of fat, muscle, and bone.

It is considered as the gold standard for body composition assessment and is mostly used in clinical research and medical settings.

Why get a DEXA body composition scan?

  • Assess bone density and risk of osteoporosis, as well as to measure body fat and muscle mass.
  • Our body fat testing procedure is quick and painless, and normally takes less than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Assessment will serve as your accurate data that’s required for your wellness and nutrition program.
  • Track progress with efficiency.
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What is a VO2 Max Test?

A VO2 Max Test is a measurement that reflects a person’s ability to perform sustained exercise. It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.

VO2 max serves as one of the best measurements of your cardiac health. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends adding it to the list of vital signs, such as blood pressure, that doctors test during patient encounters. Doctors express VO2 max as the amount of oxygen in milliliters your body consumes in 60 seconds for each kilogram you weigh (mL/kg/min).

Each breath you take pulls oxygen into the body, where it enters the bloodstream. Then, your heart pumps this oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, where it enters the muscles and triggers chemical reactions to create energy. Specifically, the oxygenated blood breaks down carbs, fats, and proteins for fuel. When we’re working out, we need more fuel than usual, which is why we begin breathing deeper, faster, and harder during a tough workout. When we exercise, our heart and lungs get stronger, making it easier for the body to distribute blood and oxygen. when you train to raise your VO2 max, you’ll be impressed by your newfound endurance.

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Testing & Analysis

Burn more fat. Build more muscle.


A simple 10 minutes RMR test can accurately pinpoint how many calories a patient needs to consume to lose weight.

Knowing your metabolic health and RMR is crucial to your success on any nutrition or training plan.

  • See how efficient your body is at converting food to energy and using fat or sugar as fuel
  • Feed your body in a way that achieves your goals and conquer plateaus
  • Learn if you have a slowed metabolism to understand frustrated attempts to lose weight and plateaus.
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