Executive Health Screenings

Executive Health Screenings

The Executive Health Screening Program is offered at Houston Concierge Medicine.

Our Executive Health Screening Program includes :

  • An in-depth consultation covering your medical history, surgical history, diet and exercise history, family medical history, stress level, and current health concerns.
  • A complete physical exam to assess your physical health.
  • Vital signs including height, weight, BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation.

A comprehensive array of lab tests offered:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) with differential
  • Comprehensive metabolic profile including electrolytes, kidney and liver function (CMP)
  • SpectraCell Micro Nutrient testing
  • Average blood sugar (hemoglobin A1c)
  • Cholesterol profile with lipoprotein particle size and number (NMR with lipid profile)
  • Thyroid function (TSH and Free T4)
  • Urinalysis
  • Vitamin D level
  • Vitamin B12 level
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA), if indicated
  • Hepatitis A and B serology (immunity to hepatitis A and B), if indicated
  • Hepatitis C serology (screening for hepatitis C infection), if indicated
  • Thorough cardiovascular health testing including EKG
  • An extensive nutrition evaluation that includes your dietary history, as well as dietary recommendations for treating medical conditions, improving overall health, and preventing serious medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
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