New Amsterdam Genomics

New Amsterdam Genomics

Whole Exome Sequencing

We analyze all 22,000 of your genes. Older tests, such as 23andMe, did what is called genotyping, which is looking at your DNA in just a few discrete places. Our approach provides a much broader view of your genome, and can even reveal rare mutations you may have.

Major Impacts

Earlier DNA tests generally only produced medical findings with small effect sizes (e.g. a 5% increased risk of something or a 10% decreased risk of something). We argue that these small findings are not very useful. N.A.G., by contrast, aims to find those medical issues that you are at much higher or lower risk for.

Advanced Computer Analysis

N.A.G. was founded on the premise that analyzing billions of DNA measurements, as is done in large scale genomics, requires elite computer programming to be done right. We have some of the best programmers in the world, and they have created superior algorithms to analyze your DNA.


We report on everything from significant medical findings to diet and exercise recommendations to ancestry.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising and taking a multivitamin is simply not enough. Each person’s body is unique in its own way. Due to the complexity of the human body, an individualized healthcare approach is the only way to guarantee optimal results.

What can I learn from this test ?

Am I at risk of a serious medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer?
How can I tailor my diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices to optimize my health?
Which medicines and therapies are safest and most effective for me?

It’s easy to get sequenced by New Amsterdam Genomics. Talk to us about the test today!

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