Tempus PGx Testing

Tempus PGx Testing

Pharmacogenomics with whole exome sequencing and robust clinical data

The human genome includes some 30,000 genes. These genes are responsible for coding of functional and structural proteins. A very small number are pharmacogenomics proteins—drug receptors, drug targets, drug metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters—important to accurate and effective medication therapy.

By testing and considering an individual’s genetics relative to the performance of drug metabolizing enzymes, targets, receptors and transporters, healthcare providers can now more precisely help patients to reach optimal drug therapy.

The whole-exome panel allows us to deliver clinically actionable pharmacogenomic results while simultaneously generating data on all 20,000+ genes to begin drawing insights that go beyond pharmacogenomics.

Tempus PRO app

In addition to the smart genetic test, the Tempus PRO™ app makes it seamless for patients to record their symptoms between appointments.

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