TruDiagnostic Epigenetic Testing


  • Epigenetic DNA methylation test from TruDiagnostic™
  • Link your health & longevity with a simple at-home blood test
  • Measures 900,000+ biomarkers to reveal how old cells & DNA look
  • Personalized TruAge™ report reveals biological age & tips to reverse it
  • A trusted & objective measurement of aging cited 20+ clinical trials
  • Only test to measure your true rate of aging (DunedinPACE) to better predict health outcomes

Discover How Old You Really Are?

  • Your biological age is the link between epigenetics & overall health
  • The age of your health (bioage) can vary greatly from your chronological age
  • Knowing your biological age can help slow aging & reduce risk of age-related diseases
  • DNA methylation better predicts health outcomes & lifespan compared to Telomere Length or Proteomics alone
  • Biological age can be reversed with simple lifestyle changes & longevity therapies
  • Reducing biological age by 7 years can reduce risk of disease by 50%

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