Primary Care & Lab Services
Our Primary care physicians in Houston will address your essential health needs.
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Covid-19 Testing Options
Clinical Diagnostic Testing Can Help You Make More Informed Decisions.
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Integrative Medicine
A comprehensive approach addressing the underlying causes of disease
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Immigration Medical Exams
Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you.
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Our Primary Care Services

Our mission is to get to know you and develop personalized diagnostic and treatments plans that fit your specific needs. We offer comprehensive high-quality primary care, integrative medical care and opportunities to establish healthy habits for life. Learn how to feel your best every day, at every age!
Concierge Membership Plans
A concierge pay membership emphasizes preventative measures and proactive care to keep you healthy and happy.
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Men's Healthcare & Wellness
We offer a full spectrum of preventative services as well as disease management for men.
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Women's Healthcare & Wellness
We offer a full spectrum of preventative services as well as disease management for women.
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Executive Health Screenings
An in depth consultation covering your medical history and current health concerns.
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Opioid Addiction Treatment
We are here to help you towards recovery. Inquire about your options today.
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Vivitrol Treatment
At Houston Concierge Medicine we help you start and maintain your journey towards sobriety.
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Prevention & Wellness
Learn to make healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family with information on nutrition, exercise and preventative services.
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House Call Doctor
Houston Concierge Medicine offer home visits, several labs and diagnostic tests to their home bound patients.
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TruDiagnostic - TruAge™


The World’s Most Advanced Epigenetic Test that reads 900,000 spots on your DNA to tell you how quickly your body is aging.

myDNAge® Test

myDNAge® Test

The myDNAge® Test is an epigenetic age determination test based on Dr. Hovarth’s clock.

Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test


Galleri test has shown the ability to detect multiple cancers through a simple blood draw. The earlier that cancer can be found, the higher the chance of successful treatment and survival.

PULS Cardiac Test


50% of Heart Attack victims have normal cholesterol.

That’s because multiple factors in addition to cholesterol are required to determine the underlying cause of Heart Attack.

Carnation Ambulatory Monitor


Designed to be placed along the sternum – over the heart – to optimize P-wave signal capture, the CAM patch results in improved ECG resolution, providing more information about heart rhythm that may lead to more clinically-actionable diagnoses.

New Amsterdam Genomics


A new DNA test covering all 20,000 genes allowing for prevention and mitigation of health problems, discovering which medications works best for you and optimizing your diet and exercise.

Spectracell Micronutrient Testing


Nutritional balance plays a key role in optimal wellness, chronic disease prevention and managing the aging process.

Allergy Testing


The awareness of food sensitivities is becoming more common and easily treated in most patients. We offer comprehensive allergy testing that can effectively reduce symptoms and ensure optimal health.

Meet Our Team

Clients Testimonial

Lindsey Lee

Today I met with Dr Burzynski for the first time. I cannot begin to explain how refreshing it was to be heard. He took his time, answered all of my many questions and truly did care about me! He is patient and realistic and I am so grateful to have found him. If anyone out there is in need of a Doctor who genuinely cares and See’s you as a human, please look no further!

E Hourani

This clinic has a warm atmosphere with attentive staff. I was very happy to actually see a physician instead of a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant. Dr. Burzynski truly cares and provides solid guidance. I work in healthcare and wish we had more physicians like Dr. Burzynski.

Houston Concierge Medicine