Concierge/Direct Pay Membership

A concierge/direct pay membership emphasizes preventive measures and proactive care to keep you healthy and happy. Our customer service experts will help answer any questions you may have regarding your membership cost.

​Office appointments on the same day or during the next business day of the appointment request.

An annual physical exam, including an EKG and a disease prevention assessment as well as basic labs.

Blood work done in office. Prompt feedback with lab and radiology results.

Unlimited office visits to meet your unique health needs.

Your doctor is available to quickly answer your questions or respond to your concerns

Concierge/direct pay Membership FAQ’S

​What kind of individual is best suited for Houston Concierge Medicine & Wellness Center concierge/direct pay?

Our goal is to be your partner in helping you achieve and maintain optimal health. If you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle and are willing to take an active role in managing your health, diet and exercise, then you would likely be an ideal candidate.

Do you accept only patients who are in good health?

Not at all. Patients can see us regardless of their current state of health. Our patients have a full spectrum of health concerns ranging from routine preventive care to chronic medical conditions.

What are the membership fees and how do I pay my monthly fee?

Our membership fees are as follows:

Age Monthly Fee
50+ $250/month
40-49 $200/month
18-39 $150/month

You will be charged the first six months upfront and then on the first of each month for your remaining monthly dues. Your checking account or credit/debit card will be billed for your monthly membership. Payments may also be made in advance.

If I later determine this program is not right for me, can I terminate my patient agreement?

Of course. You are free to cancel your patient agreement after the first six months. We require notice in writing. Upon its receipt, we will close your billing account the following month. We understand that patients may choose to leave our practice for a number of reasons. If you are dissatisfied with our program in any way, please tell us, so we may have the opportunity to improve our systems. We genuinely want to provide every patient with the best possible service.

If I cancel my patient agreement, can I re-apply later?

Yes. You are welcome to re-apply at any time. Please keep in mind, however, that we limit the number of patients in our practice so we can give our full attention to each individual. If our patient panel is full, you may be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.

Do you limit the number of patients in your practice?

Yes, we do. Each physician has a limited panel of patients. If you’d like to join Houston Concierge Medicine & Wellness Center and our practices are full, you may be placed on a waiting list.

Can I add family members to my billing account?

Certainly. Spouses, domestic partners, parents, children age 18 and older and other family members are welcome to join Houston Concierge Medicine & Wellness Center provided we have space. We will keep a separate medical record for each family member. Please note this is an adult practice and we cannot accept patients younger than 18.

Can I enroll my children although I’m not a patient myself?

Yes. Your children age 18 or older can join Houston Concierge Medicine & Wellness Center even if you do not.

Please contact us at 713-333-6464 or if your question is not answered here.

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